NE3107 has shown promise in the treatment of certain cancers

NE3107 has been shown to decrease inflammatory cell signaling in vitro, in animal models and in human clinical trials. Recently, it has been demonstrated that cancers are dependent on inflammatory cell signaling, not only in the tumor cells, but also in immune, stromal and hematopoietic cells in the tumor microenvironment. The inflammatory pathways that have been elucidated in non-cancerous cells in the tumor microenvironment are similar to those decreased by NE3107 inflammatory cells in metabolic disorders and neurodegeneration. Biovie is currently developing pre-clinical data to enable clinical cancer trials in multiple myeloma and prostate cancer

Biovie is exploring the activity of NE3107 in two types of cancer, multiple myeloma and prostate cancer, as high priority clinical programs. Although there have been many important advances in cancer therapy in recent years, cancer remains a leading cause of death and morbidity.
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